Consigning Agreement

  • First-time Consignors

    • All new consignors are asked to complete our standard Consignment Agreement to open an account with Rec·la·ma·tion. Please remember to bring a form of I.D. when setting up an account.

  • Account Charge

    • There is a one time account setup charge of $10 due upon signing of the Consignment Agreement.  This charge is non-refundable.

Consigning Period

  • 60 Days

    • In order to move merchandise and keep the store inventory fresh, Rec·la·ma·tion's consignment period is 60 days.
  • After 60 Days

    • If an item has not sold in the 60 day consignment period it will be donated or drastically reduced to a quick sale price.
  • Pick Up Requests

    • Consignors can request to have selected items held for pick up, if they do not sell within the 60 day consignment period.  If pick up is requested, the consignor is responsible for picking up their items within 7 days of the last day of the consignment period. After the 7 day period of time, the items becomes the property of the Rec·la·ma·tion to donate or sell at our discretion.
  • Withdrawn Items

    • Any item withdrawn by the consignor before the 60 day consignment period will incur a handling fee of two dollars ($2.00) per item.

Sale Proceeds

  • Consignor

    • The consignor receives 50% of the profit of each item sold.
  • The Shop

    • Rec·la·ma·tion retains 50% of the profit of each item sold.

  • Pricing

    • To learn more about how Rec·la·ma·tion prices items, please see our Pricing Guidelines

What We Accept

  • Items

    • Rec·la·ma·tion accepts women's, men's, and children's clothing, shoes and accessories in gently used or new condition.  We also accept housewares and furniture in pristine condition.  We accept both retail and vintage.

    • Rec·la·ma·tion has specific guidelines in regards to reviewing and accepting semi-formal and formal wear.  Rec·la·ma·tion accepts Prom and Homecoming & Special Event seasonally. Consignors are invited to submit formal wear for review during the following time periods: prom style formal wear will be reviewed from January-April and homecoming and holiday style semi-formal wear will be reviewed July-October. Prior to bringing formal wear in for consignment, we request that images of the formal wear be sent via email ([email protected]) or social media messages.   Formal wear will only be taken on consignment if it is a current style that our customers have requested and is in excellent condition. 

  • Style & Condition

    • Rec·la·ma·tion only accepts clean, unique, and stylish items in impeccable condition.  Items are selected based on consumer demands.  NOT ALL items will be taken.
  • Item Review

    • A member of our team will review your items and determine which items Rec·la·ma·tion will accept for consignment. Items not selected for consignment will be returned to you or if you choose, donated on your behalf.