Retail Pricing

  • Gently Used

    • Retail items that are gently used will be priced at about an estimated 30%+ of their retail cost.

  • New With Tags

    • Retail items that are new with tags can sometimes be priced at a higher percentage based on the price on the tag, but it is not guaranteed especially based on when items were manufactured and originally sold.

Vintage Pricing

  • Vintage or antique  items will be priced at an estimated 75% of their current selling value*.  
    *Rec·la·ma·tion's goal is to quickly move your valuables at a reasonable price while ensuring our inventory remains attainable for customers. Please understand that if you are committed to receiving top dollar for your vintage or antique items, we may not be the most appropriate location for these particular goods.

Marketing & Sales Fee

  • A small marketing and sales fee will be added to the sales price of all items. The marketing and sales fee will not affect the consignor’s percentage.  This fee assists with offsetting expenses related to credit card processing, merchandise displays, bags, tags, and other miscellaneous costs.

 Pricing Suggestions

  • All pricing is at Rec·la·ma·tion's discretion.  We are happy to hear your suggestions but will price merchandise to reflect its value and to move inventory quickly.